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Richard Bout.



Mr. Fix It &
Man of Steel 

Tireless worker, tough as nails. 

Rider of jet skis, snowmobiles and horses (into bars!). Skilled boater, fisherman under the stars and man on a mission. 


Gets the job done with boundless enthusiasm and a sense of fun. 

Exuberant. Excitable.

Shoots from the hip.

Always an adventure to be with!

Bargain hunter, expert buyer and seller. 

Practical joker, storyteller. 


Problem Solver.

Rule Breaker, fast talker, deal maker.

Life of the party, hospitable host and outdoor adventurer; dog's best friend. 

Unique Philosopher.

Unconventional in his ways. 

Inventive creator, never at a loss for words. 

Generous boss, equal opportunity employer. 

Successful businessman and entrepreneur. 


Comforter of the hurting. 

The Bout family Santa. 

Thoughtful uncle, and child at heart. 

Caring son, exciting brother. 

One of a kind, like no other. 

Free spirit, loyal friend. 

Forgiving and fearless, forever young.

"You seemed indestructible, though your spirit lives on. In all who you've touched and what you have done, talk of you will always bring smiles.
Thanks for living your life in your own style."

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